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Hi everyone!
I uploaded a couple of sketches - mostly pictures of Joe Armstrong in the role of Allan a Dale, but there are some Gullan ones, too. :)
You can find them here.

Fic: Lesson Learned

Title: Lesson Learned
Author: alesh101
Characters: Allan, Kate mentions Much, Robin, Guy  
Word Count: 921
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own nothing, Tiger Aspect and BBC do
A/N: After an S3 episode rewatch, I meant to do Kate some harm, but it didn't really turn out that way.

no harm done...Collapse )

Slashfest Tagging Reminder

Hi Everyone!

First, we would like to say how wonderful it was to see such a positive response to our first Slashfest! We were overwhelmed by the number of fics, pics, and even videos that were submitted. Very soon, we will begin cataloguing the works, posting a master list with the links to everyone’s work. Before we do so, to make it easier on our cataloguers and to ensure no one’s work gets left out, we wanted to send out a reminder.

1.       1.  All works must be tagged with “Slashfest 2012"

2.       2.  All works must have been originally posted in robinhoodslash

We will be going through robinhoodslash and looking for those tagged works. Therefore, if your work is not properly tagged or not posted in robinhoodslash, please rectify that. We will begin cataloguing on March 5, so please have your work properly tagged and situated by then. If you have any questions, please contact sunnyday30 or whytewytch4.

Lastly, if you have any suggestions for next year, please either comment here or contact one of us via PM or email. 

Thank you!

Will / Allan

Originally posted by kristianabel22 at Request #2
Request #2 made by basilthehamster
I was asked to create art for the fandom Robin Hood with the fandom Will / Allan. Now since I don't know this fandom I found it difficult but after searching on the internet i found a picture which i tried to recreate. Since I don't know the scene this if from in my mind the two boys have just been caught doing "stuff" lets say. Hope you like it, comments equal love <3

Slashfest Extension!

Just a head’s up—due to popular demand, we are extending the final day for submissions in the Slash Fest through the week-end (midnight your time, Sunday). Lots of people are celebrating time with their loved ones this week-end instead of on Valentine’s Day and so shall we. We’re definitely looking forward to what shinysparks has in store for us, and what else everyone else comes up with given a couple of extra days. 

It's Hump Day! Aka: One Week To Go

It’s Hump Day! Well, metaphorically speaking, but considering that we’re half-way through the First Annual Slash Fest already, I couldn’t resist saying that. :)

Already, we’ve seen videos submitted by 01cheers & jadey36, fics & pics by jammekesunnyday30channiegurl,  and jadey36. Yours truly shamefacedly admits to having not yet posted, although I’ve got a WIP and have been enjoying the postings of others. Our lovely banner is courtesy of jammeke.

So, for those of you who are currently contributing or who have a WIP or the glimmer of an idea or have been away from the computer and didn’t know about it, our little slash festival will close, fittingly, on February 14, Valentine’s Day, at midnight your local time. Submission details and the few rules are here

Holiday (Allan) Cheer, Anyone?

Just posting, with the blessing of darkandtwisted, to see if anyone is interested in showing Allan some love this holiday season. Nothing official--no secret Santas or anything with time constraints that add to our holiday stress. Just thought that maybe we could post our wish lists and whoever wants to can fulfill one or more wishes. Think of them as brain-storming or idea sharing. 

For example:
1. I wish for a siggie with Allan on a blue & silver background.
2. I wish for a siggie of Allan and Deirdre (my OFC) and the horses(?) at Christmas.
3. I wish for a story of Allan as a child at Christmas. Happy story, please! (If you want a HEA or a SEA, please specify or you can leave it up to the author')
4. I wish for a story of Allan and a Yule Log. Be as naughty as you want. (Again, if you want a certain rating, please specify or if there are certain things you don't wish to see--BDSM, rape, slash, het, dub-con, music-fic, etc--please specify.)

Unless otherwise specified, siggies can be wallpapers, avatars, GIMPed, sketches or full-color drawings; stories can be any length.

These are examples only (but I sure wouldn't mind #1 or especially #2). Try to allow for artistic freedom where possible. In my #2 wish, I don't have a Deirdre chosen yet from lists of actresses but so long as the artist makes her look a bit like what I've written, I'm good. They can use any background so long as it's Chrismassey.

Please respond with your wishes to this post. If you know for sure that you'd like to work on one, you may claim it or make it a surprise for the wisher. More than one wish-fullfiller may work on one wish.

crossposted from joearmstrongluv

Just finished listening to last Friday's radio play on BBC4's iplayer and wanted to share the link with anyone else who may have missed it or is also on the wrong side of the pond.

This link was first given on the Joe Armstrong Fan Forum by thain. Thanks, thain!

The broadcast will be available on iplayer for the next six days. Joe sounds lovely. (And what a sweet story!) Give it a listen.
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